James Blake launches VirtuSign, The new platform for streamlining the creation and management of contracts and proposals with ease, driven by AI.  

The inception of VirtuSign was born out of a mix of frustration and a vision for efficiency. As a busy CEO, I found myself frustrated  by the time-consuming process of drafting contracts and proposals. Initially, I turned to AI for assistance, but even then, the hassle of navigating through multiple systems proved to be both time-consuming and costly.

It was this very challenge that sparked the idea for VirtuSign.

Embracing this vision, I begun the development of VirtuSign, aiming to create a seamless, all-in-one platform for contract creation and management.

The journey gained even more traction when I onboarded my first shareholder and co-founder, John Reynolds – a former top-tier investment strategist and discretionary fund manager, an active business angel with over 35 years of experience.

VirtuSign is a revolutionary tool that is not only streamlining contract creation but also bringing a level of precision and ease that was previously unimaginable in the industry.


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