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James Blake’s story is one of true grit and resilience. Growing up in Northern Ireland, he learned early that determination and hard work are the keys to overcoming obstacles. At 16, James embarked on his entrepreneurial path, launching his first online venture. He plunged into the digital, acquiring coding skills through self-study.

His early life challenges, notably his experiences supporting the caring of an older learning-disabled sibling and the sudden loss of his father, forged his resilient spirit.

Today, James is a public figure renowned for his expertise in digital marketing, his strong personal brand, and his love of entrepreneurship.

In 2016, with a modest £500 investment, James established VINDICTA® Digital Marketing Agency. This humble beginning burgeoned into a successful enterprise, drawing major clients and generating significant revenues of over £150m for clients online.

James runs an invite-only community called Dominate Academy in which he lends his knowledge and expertise to a select amount of individuals on an educational basis.  He is acknowledged as an accredited Virgin Mentor by Virgin StartUp. Virgin StartUp is an independent not-for-profit, supporting founders to build better businesses. 

In 2023, James has embarked on developing VirtuSign, an innovative AI-powered software revolutionising document and contract management. His academic pursuit in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oxford further cements his role as a vanguard in technology.

James is not just a business powerhouse but also a thought leader, contributing insights to Forbes and Entrepreneur.com amongst others. His extensive social media influence touches millions monthly.

Expanding his horizons from online media to television, James headed up a BBC Three and BBC iPlayer documentary, “Hunting The Catfish Crime Gang.” This documentary, acclaimed for its success, shines a light on human trafficking, forced scamming, and online fraud.

James Blake resonates with a diverse audience, including young, aspiring entrepreneurs, creative minds, business leaders, and the general public through his television endeavours.

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